Kyle Nordsiek

Multi-disciplinary art director

I grew up on the south side of Indianapolis, drawing basketball shoes & Indycars.

I’ve spent the last few years working in my hometown, Indianapolis, at the offices of Young & Laramore. In that time I’ve had the opportunity to work with super talented teams of creative people who’ve all intimidated me and inspired me in their own ways.


The main thing I’ve learned is that, the less you let your work be restricted by discipline, the more you can bring to the team. The more you can collaborate. The more you can push boundaries. It’s this thinking that has allowed me to work in different capacities on a wide range of projects - trying to find the right answer, regardless of what it looks like.


Sometimes I’m an art director and I get to concept and design brand identities, or work on broadcast and more traditional stuff. Sometimes I get to work with motion, editing video, working with animation and motion design. Sometimes I get to focus on social media, from broad digital concepts to day-to-day content creation. Regardless of the role, I try to look at every project through the lens of culture. What inherit value are we bringing to the cultural conversation? How does this live in the real world?